Livestock Webinar Episode #3: New Normal for Pig Farming in 5G Era

📣 Topic: New Normal for Pig Farming in 5G Era

🗓️  Thursday, 04 June 2020

🕒 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM (Bangkok Time)

🎤 Speaker: Asst. Prof. Dr Pariwat Poolperm

📖 Decription: As COVID-19 has made your daily live changed drastically with the uses of face mask, handwashing, hand sanitizer gel, etc. to protect yourself from getting infected by the harmful virus. This is considered as a big and quick “disruption” to your “normal” life. Pig industry has also been disrupted shortly after the ASF outbreak in China in 2018. A drop in pig price and tremendous losses in pig businesses have a devastating effects economically in many countries. This has prompted all concerned pig producers to implement “better” and more “effective” biosecurity measures in response to the increasing threat to their pigs as the outbreak became epidemic in many parts of Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, under a general pig production system, a price of live pigs is unable to control by farm owners, however, a production cost of your pig is a certain thing that you can control along with maximizing an efficiency of farm production. A firmly established philosophy of our team in farm consulting service is to produce the “lowest” cost of production and the “highest” throughput of pig’s production. A “New normal” in pig farming is highly required for all farmers to stay healthy in this business